According to 468,000 Married Men, The best Mistress Looks Like

It isn’t unusual for males to possess a mistress. Infidelity is a significant issue for married individuals, with 40 % of the couples revealing infidelity. A report has found that men tend to be more likely to have affairs compared to women and are usually looking for much more physical intimacy and interest.

Regardless of whether a man’s wife or girlfriend is gorgeous, prosperous or intelligent, finding the ideal mistress for him or her appears to be a simple task.

Celebrity cheating allegations have afflicted the general population through the years. From Brad Pitt having an affair with Angelina Jolie while engaged to Jennifer Anniston to Tristan Thompson cheating with Khloe Kardashian, very well, a lot of females.

Even stars who portrayed themselves as “wife guys” as John Mulaney, Ned Fulmer and Adam Levine have been found cheating on their gorgeous females.

What’s it about these “other women” which draw in men who’ve actually discovered their ideal partner?

In 2015, SeekingArrangement chose to explore the phenomenon to discover the reason married men cheat and what makes a great mistress.

Based on the company’s press release, almost two out of five males on its Web site are married males.

The researchers utilized information from 468,000 married male’s searches as well as emails which incorporated desired physical characteristics, occupation, age, ethnicity, and marital status, to develop a picture of the “perfect mistress.”

Here’s what a married male refers to as the ideal mistress: 1. What appears like the best woman?
The ideal mistress has numerous qualities for a lot of men:

Between the ages of twenty five and thirty one years old
Sixty one % of respondents desired females with blonde hair.
Of those who favor green eyes, forty seven % happen to be males.
33 % similar to females having an athletic build
Of all those questioned, thirty two % stated they desired a bra size of 32D.
At 32 %, Caucasian women were the popularst, followed by Asian females at 32 %.

  1. The ideal mistress: In terms of character, men additionally search for females that are energetic, open minded, for this – such asRB_IN yoga exercises, based on information from the best keyword searches.
  2. The relationship as well as education status males like They choose these ladies being single, and an astonishing eighty six % prefer them being college graduates as well as students with Bachelor Degrees. The female depicted in the analysis is mature enough to recognize the dynamics of an affair, but still young adequate to have youthful exuberance, “Brandon Wade, Ceo and Founder, said in a statement. “Plenty of men look for a mistress as the spark outside of wedlock and for a number of males the best trap is in the form of a yoga – loving student,” she said.

Essentially, unfaithful males would like a woman who is an Asian or blonde-haired Xena: Warrior Princess, old enough to meet their adult requirements and young adequate to make them feel like twenty one again.

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