All That i Wish I’d Told You Before you Left

I ought to have told you about all of the unsaid words I have buried within my heart.

I ought to have shared with you the poems I authored on the autumn days while we sat in the hollowed out base of a cedar tree.

When we sat on the dirt, covered with the fall leaves, we gazed away in the rain, as it hammered the sword ferns as well as ivy.

I ought to have told you the words from my heart: Which you are the one star in my sky and also the sole soul that allowed me to see the beauty of the world.

Are you aware of what I’ve really liked? It is simple.

It is someplace in that moment when it was a chilly and rainy night. Positioned near the window to the usual, pale gray walls, we gazed out over the city.

The time when we had been looking at the action of light and shadow on the grass and felt the mild breeze. The foliage of the trees rusted as well as trembled like a small Dancer.

The sunshine which filtered through the leafy domes of the forests, and the shining, very days appeared to beckon us.

We danced naked on the kitchen floor while we marveled at the cold morning’s impressive beauty. The sweet kisses we exchanged as our bodies radiated and our hearts hammered in our chests since we sat down under the sheets.

Both of us experienced the pleasure of December, filled with promises, excitement and gratitude. The sunshine, the rainbow, the blue vault of heaven, anchored by cloistered walls as well as the green planet stretched on the horizon within the hill as well as dale.

I always adored the moment when both of us experienced the wind blowing in the beginning of winter.

The sky was absolutely clear and the stars had been cold places of light. Both of us observed while the maple leaves curled up and dropped. The rain gradually transformed them into auburn paste.

We both witnessed the birds yelling louder and louder in a great dark cloud of the treetops. They soared hundreds of foot, wave after wave, out of the west, and then vanished into silence.

They vanished under the dim cedar leaves and to the dark sky.

Both of us gazed out at the earth at dusk. We noticed that, even after the sun had set, the horizon was still streaked with yellow, salmon, red, and lavender.

A gorgeous light was nevertheless shining.

These days the world is complex and yet the place where we stood at one time seemed sensible to me in my own heart.

These unspoken phrases as well as memories still block my heart in the silence of my head.

I assume they usually will.

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