Horoscope Today, October one: Check Tarot Readings For The Zodiac of yours

  1. ARIES (March twenty one – April 19)

Tarot card – the Sun – Today is day that is great for you. Victory is on the cards. Kids are going to bring news that is good. Time for celebration. Economically it is a happy day. News that is good in all of sectors is on the way of its. Day that is good to buy property.

Angel Message – Take pleasure in the moment

Lucky Color – Yellow
Lucky Number – one

  1. TAURUS (April twenty – May 20)

Tarot Card – Queen swords – Do not allow the anger of yours to manage you.Dont be rude to anybody try be modest and grounded almost as you are able to. Point is going to be delay.

Angel Message – love is universal energy Remember that

Lucky Color – white and yellow

Lucky Number – five

  1. GEMINI (May twenty one – June 20)

Tarot Card – ten Of Wands – You’re overburden with emotions and thoughts. Let go things. Time so that you can take a little rest and let others do the duty of theirs. Find out to say NO

Angel Message – Love yourself-Seo VĂ­deos here

Lucky Color – Pink
Lucky Number – two

  1. Cancer (June twenty one – July 22)

Tarot Card – two of Swords – Open the eyes of yours and find out or even except the reality. Do not function as the victim of over thinking. Do not allow your feelings override you. Do some mediation to calm yourself

Angel Message – Stay CALM

Lucky Color – White and green
Lucky Number – five

  1. LEO (July twenty three – Aug. 22)

Tarot Card – eight of Cups – Today donate something. Time for you to enjoy yourself much more. New direction is on cards. Travel is on the cards.

Angel Message – Trust the intuition of yours

Lucky Color – Red and green
Lucky Number – eight

  1. VIRGO (Aug twenty three – Sept 22)

Tarot Card- five Of Pentcales – Take care with people they might break the trust of yours. Do not give or take money now. Somebody is going to try to harm your hurt or image you with the core,Financial loss. But remember there’s usually light at the conclusion of the tunnel.

Angel Message – Be calm

Lucky Color -White
Lucky Number – five

  1. LIBRA (Sept twenty three – Oct 22)

Tarot Card – three OF Swords People will harm you now intentionally or perhaps unintentionally therefore be careful.Today you to consider the actions of yours, do not harm anybody with the behavior of yours. Items are going to be delay.

Angel Message – Stay calm

Lucky Color – Green
Lucky Number – seven

  1. SCORPIO (Oct twenty three – Nov 21)

Tarot Card – Judgement – Today you are going to receive blessings from your ancestors.All the work of yours will done successfully. Good results is on the cards.

Angel Message – Live in the moment

Lucky Color – White
Lucky Number – eight

  1. SAGITTARIUS (Nov twenty two – Dec 21)

Tarot Card Ace Of Swords – New beginnings is on the cards,Emotionally will be extremely stable.Finaccialy today is great day.. Travel is on the cards.

Angel Message – Love is the energy of yours

Lucky Color – Green
Lucky Number – one

  1. CAPRICORN (Dec 22 – Jan 19)

Tarot Card eight Of Wands – Today is a fantastic morning for you. Great different and brand new beginnings is on the cards. Anything you would like you can manifest so take care with the thought of yours ensure they’re optimistic. Financially its great day

Angel Message – Take pleasure in the moment

Lucky Color – Blue
Lucky Number – one

  1. AQUARIUS (Jan twenty – Feb 18)

Tarot Card – King of Pentacles Seek balance in the life of yours. You are going to be ready to convince or even manipulate people now. Great day to purchase brand new property

Angel Message – Trust yourself.

Lucky Color – Red

Lucky Number – eight

  1. PISCES (Feb nineteen – March 20)

Tarot Card – Temperance – Take pleasure in the second. Let go things. New changes or things are on the way of its. Control the temper of yours. Be useful,Enjoy the second.

Angel Message – work on yourself.

Lucky Color – Yellow

Lucky Number – seven

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