I Went Out With a Homeless Man (And Did Not Know It).

Would you recall the famous scene from Forrest Gump where Forrest tells a woman sitting next to him exactly how life is such asRB_IN opening a box of chocolates?

I would additionally file online dating within the category of, “You never know what you are going to get.”

I had been had, single, and 23 just relocated to New York city following a year spent residing with my parents on Long Island.

I resided with 2 roommates in Astoria, in a three bedroom home.

Krystal, my old buddy that had turned out to be my new roommate, met the man she was chatting with on OKCupid. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I4eSHDOR3Dk

I realize I am dating myself here but this was back when the days of Tinder when dating apps had yet to dominate the electronic dating scene along with free online dating websites have been rare.

I had been a newcomer to town and I needed to meet up with new people so I chose to give it a go.

I created a witty profile, uploaded some photos, answered obscure questions on such things as creationism as well as math equations, which had been seemingly designed to help OKCupid find my fantasy man, after which forgot about it.

Until eventually, when a humorous idea from an OKCupid user Mike* caught my attention.

After looking at his profile, I found out he was additionally a fan of Bukowski, liked cats (a must) and also worked as an editor such asRB_IN myself.

We sent emails forth and back and wound up establishing a time for later that week.
He picked a bar which I’d frequented during my college days, as a result of the reality that this particular location offers USD 2.50 mixed drinks from 5-8 daily.

I pondered in case this was why he selected the location as I headed over to see him.

Hey, at that cost I could pay for to knock one back while I was awaiting for him to show, and so I did.

I was approximately half way through my vodka soda when Mike came in, sporting what appeared to be camping out gear.

He was not precisely tall, and the weight of the goods he was bringing made him seem even smaller.

In contrast to the photographs on his profile, he’d the beginnings of a badly trimmed beard as well as his hair was much more unkempt than in the photographs.

It is possible that he was attempting to look fashionable?

We presented ourselves as well as Mike bought a whiskey as well as ginger beverage for himself without asking (I did) in case I required a refill.

We engaged in small talk that led me to the typical question “What do you do.” Once I did, I observed his expression turn out to be sour.

“I used to be an editor, however they allowed me to quit recently,” he stated. Mike continued to discuss the freelance articles he was pitching to different publications and he’d a number of his pieces picked up by different publications, but stated that waiting for the freelance checks to show up was taking a long time.

I let him rant about the difficulties of job searching (especially in New York and particularly with regards to full time paid job as an editor.)

He ultimately asked me what I’d done, and at that time I did not wish to tell him.

“I work for Yahoo,” I stated quietly, wishing he would not catch the company name.

This got him asking me questions regarding how I was promoted there, in case I knew anybody in HR and how I might help him out by getting his resume in the proper hands.

I promised to find out what I could do and rapidly changed the topic to inform him I’d just moved into a brand new apartment with 2 new roommates in Astoria.

He desired me to describe in detail the design of my brand new pad.

He was really keen on knowing if the brand new couch was a pull-out, and I thought that was unusual.

Then, the kicker arrived.

I inquired about Mike where he resided, and with whom he was with.

He stated he’d resided in Brooklyn just before he was laid off and has been crashing couches across the town since.

However last night, the man that was staying on his couch for some time clearly had enough of his freeloading.

Thus last evening, the night prior to our date, Mike had slumbered in Union Square Park that night.

Turning to your parents for assistance in your 20s usually feels like a failure but at times things reach a place where you need to give up as well as head to your parent’s place (or somewhere much more long lasting than your buddy’s couch) to be able to regroup as well as discover a way to get your life back on track.

Mike was certainly in the place where this had to take place.

However unfortunately for Mike ( not to mention me & anybody else he established dates with that week) he had not come to terms with that yet.

At this time I believed it could not get even worse, but Mike followed me to the subway while we both left.

“Listen,” he said, “I can tell you are not interested in dating me but can there be any way you might ask your roommates if I could crash on your couch for a couple of nights?”

I apologized, stating that I would just began living there and that it would not be appropriate.

I wish him a happy birthday and then got on the train home.

I am not sure what happened to Mike or even just how many OKCupid customers he attempted to talk into giving up their couches, but I hope everything turned out okay for him. In case we ever cross paths once again, I want to thank him for supplying me with the most epic online dating experience a writer could actually want to create.

*Names have been altered. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4UP-K9E65bI

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