Kris Jenner Reveals The foundation Of all Her Children’s Names

Among the best celebrity mysteries was at last revealed after probably the most current episode of Hulu’s “The Kardashians.”

Kris Jenner, the momager of the Kardashian family, finally told the world exactly how she chose to name every one of the children of her and just how they each wound up with K names (sorry Rob.)

Just how did Kris Jenner pick her kids’ brands?
The earth has constantly been perplexed by Jenner’s choices in naming her 6 kids – wondering why the majority of them started with a K plus exactly why Rob Kardashian don’t received exactly the same treatment the sisters of his did.

Jenner reveals that everything started with Kourtney.

I loved the name’ Kourtney,'” she said. “And I then thought,’ It will be truly fascinating to place a “K” on it.’ To ensure that was easy.”

Considering Jenner came into this world with a K name herself, she likely wanted the kids of her to go by in the family tradition, going onto naming Kim following.

“Christmas is the favorite day of mine of the entire year, and also I loved the name’ Noel,’ to ensure that was gon na be, perhaps her name?” she said. “But then, it did not begin with a’ K’ and’ Koel’ sounded truly strange so it was’ Kimberly Noel.”

Somebody in the comments of a TikTok posted by thedallasryan wrote that she still might have used the title Noel – spelled as “Knoel” with a quiet “K.”

With 2 kids down, certainly she will receive the hang of choosing “K” names for the majority of the children of her, with Khloe coming next.

“I loved Chloe the designer,” Jenner continues, in spite of the designer behind the luxury brand “Chloe” being called Gaby Aghion.

“And I then tried Chloe with a’ K’ which was great too.”

3 names down and Kris was not near stopping.

She was forced to devote on the “K” names for all the daughters of her as she moved onto the next husband of her and gave birth to 2 more.

” ‘Kendall’ was likely to be’ Kennedy’, or’ Cameron’ with a’ K,’ then Kylie. Kylie!” she continues. “I mean eventually you work out of’ K’ names, I suggest truly.”

With many of the daughters of her into position, Kris describe the foundation behind her single son ‘s name, Robert.

“Robert is Robert George Kardashian…no! Sorry, sorry, Robert Arthur Kardashian,” Kris laughs as she mixes up her own son’s name with his father. “I didn’t even know my child’s name.”

“This is very confusing, will anybody continue with this?”

Apparently, fans are “Keeping Up Together with the Kardashians” much better compared to Kris is.
A fan shares “I believed Kylie’s name was likely to be Kennedy based on her tik tok,” talking about a second TikTok account created by Kylie where she says Kennedy was going to be the other name of her.

Yet another fan boasts “i thought kendall was gonna be juliet.”

Though Rob is usually the center of the Kardashian sibling jokes, one particular fan seen that there might be cause the name of his starts with an “R” rather than a “K.”

“K due to Kris, R due to Robert,” wrote a single user. “If it had been more boys, more would begin with a B or an R. B Due to Bruce,” talking about Kris’s next husband that now will go by Caitlyn.

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