The Hidden Danger In Bottled Water Damaged My Husband’s Health

For several years, I’ve utilized bottled water for drinking, coffee, cooking and tea. On my shopping list, I usually included a few cases to replenish our drinking water supply. Even though I would learned about the hazards of BPA – an industrial chemical known as bisphenol-A often used to create clear plastic water bottles – I did not pay a lot of attention to it.

But that all changed following my husband started a special program of dieting and exercise created to boost his profits in the gym and improve his general health and fitness. Following 6 weeks on the system, his physician recommended a comprehensive blood panel to get an update on his progress.

The end result was astonishing.

His testosterone amounts had improved, however his estrogen amount was two times as high as usual.

He gave him a medicine to help him get his amounts back in order. He mentioned that increased estrogen can result in insomnia, decrease the usefulness of an increased testosterone count, and also raise the generation of plasma proteins, which could increase the risk of blood clots as well as heart attacks.

My husband needed to have his estrogen cut down rapidly for his health.

However, what we had not expected, there was a root cause.

Arimidex (anastrozole, also called Arimidex), the drug his physician prescribed, had negative effects. The WebMD states the drugs may result in drug induced insomnia (my husband called it mind buzzz), stopping him from obtaining much more than two to three hours of sleep each night.

After a number of weeks of wandering around like a zombie, he chose to quit taking the pills and get some good rest.

We began incorporating various foods into his diet during the following three months to determine if they would help him lower his estrogen levels. His subsequent blood tests demonstrated little impact on his increased levels of estrogen.

We needed to determine the root cause of his hormonal imbalance. We consumed a clean and wholesome diet. Taking a medicine to relieve the symptoms was not a suitable solution. Consequently, I began researching BPA more thoroughly.

I found out from a report by Dr Geo that plastic bottles are able to release BPA when they’re hot. Throughout as well as after transportation from bottling facilities, the containers are put through high heat in warehouse storage, the trunk of your vehicle, or in your garage – particularly during the summer months.

Exactly what is the actual issue?

Based on articles by Yvette Brazier in Medical News Today in 2017 BPA may imitate estrogen in the human body. Additionally, research has found that exposure to BPA can have detrimental effects on the development of babies, infants, and the prostate gland.

The European Union and Canada have prohibited BPA from being used in infant bottles, even though the FDA has denied any health risks.

The link between BPA as well as high blood pressure has also been mentioned. Based on a 2018 National Geographic article by Maya Wei-Haas, even so referred to as non-BPA plastic is able to introduce bisphenol-S (or BPS for short). And also you do not want either of those two to pollute your water.

Right away I began to search for alternatives to consuming bottled water.

We chose a countertop filtration system that meets all our drinking as well as cooking requirements, after much investigation and testing.

The end result? My husband’s blood tests indicated that his estrogen level had reverted to normal levels 6 weeks later on.

Could it have to do with the reality that we don’t drink bottled water? We are certain of it – simply because changing to clean, filtered on-demand drinking water was the only change we would made to his diet plan, vitamin supplements, and medicines.

Like a lot of people, I would always believed bottled water was a simple, good choice.

My husband has had to cope with all kinds of chemical substances which are in plastic bottles and they may in fact be damaging to our overall health.

Outsole line: You may want to do some investigation in case you drink just bottled water, and find out in case you are able to find an alternative. You need a filtration process which eliminates more than 95 percent of all contaminants, and that is what you want.

Look at evaluation results from independent labs when evaluating various systems. In case a company does not include the info within their descriptions, ask them the reason they do not post third party test results, or just locate a business which does.

Look after your health first and then leave the bottled water in the shop so that you are able to consume it while not having to worry about it.

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