Your Other Half: Just why Every Woman Needs That one Best Friend

I’ve this idea that in life we’re all given one good friend that brings out the worst but at the same time the best in us.

We’re honest with this particular individual and expose every one of our weaknesses.

This’s the individual we’ve done the most stupid things with and would happily do them again in case we could.

I was fortunate to meet up with this buddy on the very first day of high school; Let us give her the title Blair.

At this point I’m in my 2nd year at faculty as well as my second year sharing a room with Blair. I think of her as an additional limb, and I realize she feels the exact same way about me.

I can not picture a day in my life in which I will awaken and see her foolish face within an hour of getting of bed. However, I hope that we are going to find our ideal man and get engaged one day and never see one another each day.

Whenever that day arrives, I know we are going to remember our days as roommates with great nostalgia. I imagine we are going to be pressured to hold bi-weekly wine tastings, where we will discuss our husbands and kids.

My mom has this buddy, too, and when they get together they try to solve all of the mysteries as well as problems of the world with a bottle of wine, which usually turns into 4.

Whenever my mother as well as her buddy are together, the majority of us could only contribute a word. Since nobody else can relate to the depths of the earth they’re digging into.

I ought to also mention that my mom is completely convinced this friendship is not a given. Not all individuals possess this particular friend, and it is unusual.

On the flip side, I think this buddy is someplace out there for everybody. At some point In my opinion everybody is blessed with them, as I am personally lost without Blair.

These buddies are the ones you could go to at two each early morning as well as cry in the back of your automobile, feeling helpless as well as broken.

In this kind of friendship, the adage is “no questions asked.”

“We need to avoid school today.” No hassle. “I can not display my face there.

No hassle, “Come to the pet store, I would like a bunny.”

“Let’s drink till we spit this evening, no hassle.

I’m fortunate to have discovered somebody who can make an utterly heartbreaking moment into a whirlwind of laughter. I am aware, I did not believe it had been achievable either.

Our mothers believe that since we are a party lifestyle, we need to concentrate on finding boyfriends. We roll our eyes because we understand that, boyfriend or not, our Thelma and Louise way of life will never change.

We’ve been through hell and back, we’ve hit a rock bottom the other day and we are able to only climb from here. Let us not attempt to go any lower, however, since that appears to be an option for us all of the time.

In case you take something from this, call your Blair and while she already knows, tell her you love her much more than life itself, the way you could not exist without her and plan for drinks shortly.

Amaretto sours happen to be a personal fave of ours. You’re welcome.

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